My Lynchburg, VA Food Bucket List

I have lived in Lynchburg, VA for over 5 years now, and ultimately have discovered that there are hundreds of restaurants in this small city. There isn’t much of a nightlife in Lynchburg or a whole lot of things to do in general, but going out to eat is one of the most popular things to do. I am a food connoisseur, so over the past 5 years here, I decided to finally create a bucket list of restaurants that were my favorite–both well known and not known at all to share with others.

If you are ever around in the area, I highly recommend you try one of these places!

  1. Hot & Cold Cafe (This is a unique restaurant with amazing Indian and Lebanese food)
  2. Brothers Pizza & Grill (A great takeout place for Italian food)
  3. Small Batch Barbecue (Hands down the best place for barbecue in Lynchburg)
  4. My Dog Dukes Diner (This is a great brunch place to eat in downtown Lynchburg)
  5. Grey’s (Great outdoor area with unique food selections)
  6. Ploughcroft Tea Room (They have all sorts of tea and you feel as if you are in England)
  7. Rivermont Pizza (Great pizza and cool atmosphere!!)
  8. Farm Basket (One of my personal favorite lunch places to go to! They have some of the top sandwiches along with a cute shop)
  9. Cavalier (Cash only, like the old times)
  10. Lola’s (Quality Mexican food)
  11. Braüburgers (Love the atmosphere and food!)
  12. Izakaya (Great for sushi)
  13. Suzaku Cafe (They have amazing Poke bowls and bubble tea!)
  14. Kings Island (Huge menu to choose from with great food)
  15. AJI Ramen and Sushi (Great quality Chinese food downtown)
  16. Tahini (Quick and tasty Mediterranean food downtown)
  17. Yamato (Yummy takeout Chinese food)
  18. Colonial Restaurant (Further outside of Lynchburg, but great southern food)
  19. The Water Dog (Great atmosphere and food situated on the James River)
  20. La Carreta (Best Mexican food and atmosphere)
  21. El Jefe (Best craft tacos in Lynchburg!)
  22. Waterstone Pizza (Great for a fancy night out with quality Italian food)
  23. Bootleggers (Unique food and drink selections)
  24. Depot Grille (Love the atmosphere and wide variety of food)
  25. Benny’s ($5 for a HUGE slice of pizza!)

While these are only a few of my favorite restaurants I have been to in Lynchburg, there are so many more. I am a huge supporter of local and small businesses, especially in Lynchburg! If you happen to visit and try out one of these restaurants, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Stay tuned for the next blog post that will be all about local coffee shops in Lynchburg!



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