Loving During An Unloving Time

As well all know, the last week and few months have presented numerous challenges and tension within our everyday lives. I have seen more hate and negativity on social media than ever. Friends have now unfriended each other, and false news is spreading like never before. This isn’t just something I have experienced personally, but something that most people actively using social media can agree with.

Photo by Mattia Ascenzo on Unsplash

“Don’t Facebook your problems. Face them.” — Unknown

During these times, it is when we have to learn to love each other and ourselves. I have begun to use social media less and less. I have slowly lost the desire to scroll through social media platforms, because when I do, it always seems to be clouded by so much negativity. This is not something I want or should be a part of.

I have noticed that my friends who actively engage in social media arguments to prove their side and why they are right, tend to be way more stressed out and tense than my other friends who do not engage in social media that portrays negativity.

Loving one another during these unprecedented and scary times are more important than ever. Showing love to friends could be bringing them food over after a long day, buying coffee for your classmates, picking up extra errands for your family, and so much more. Spending less time on social media and informing yourself of what is true, will help you to not only show love to yourself, but show love to others.

We have so much more time on our hands to show love when we are not arguing over social media or aimlessly scrolling through Facebook articles and posts about what is happening around us.

Photo by Amin Hasani on Unsplash

Our lives have largely shifted in the last 8 months, and we all have different responses to that shift.

I believe that it is crucial to stay informed and updated with what’s happening in the world, but it is just as important to love others and yourself. Take some time to do this today — love yourself and your neighbor!



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