5 Tips for Working Productively During Covid-19

If you’re anything like me, then you have also found yourself struggling to get into the swing of things. After working at home for almost 6 months now, I have found it hard to be productive and to even get the simplest of items checked on my to-do list for the day. In my time of trying, I thought that I would take the time and share with you ways that have helped me find motivation during the pandemic.

  1. Create a list of to-do items only for the day

Everyday when I wake up, I try to write out my list of what I want to accomplish in a day. This means everything work-related and non work-related. By setting realistic goals everyday, this can help to motivate you to check off those items and set aside time for each one.

2. Rest

Rest. Rest. Rest. This may not sounds important or may seem like it would only hinder you from productivity, but carving out genuine time for rest not only helps you feel better, but helps with your mental and physical health. Taking time to rest will give you the boost of motivation to get the work you need done. I used to struggle with this one, but once I learned that resting is needed in order to be productive, I began to care for myself more. I like to think of resting as whatever you think it is for you. One of my favorite days of the week are my “Self-Care Sundays” where I do a hair mask, face mask, drink hot tea, play music, draw, paint, listen to soothing music, and whatever else I find relaxing to prepare myself for the week.

3. Exercise/Eat healthy

Sometimes, exercising and eating healthy seems like it may only have a physical impact, but in reality, it does so much for the brain. This has helped be to be more productive during the COVID-19 season because it gets me up, and allows me to be active instead of sitting at my desk all day.

4. Go Outside

This is something I do everyday! Even if it means just taking a brisk walk around your house or apartment, it helps to refocus your brain and allow your body to move while breathing in fresh air. If you live with friends, loved ones, or even an animal, this could be a great time to go on walks with them so that everyone gets some fresh air.

5. Work in Bursts

Setting your timer to work without interruption for 30 minutes can be surprisingly productive. In 30 minutes of uninterrupted time without any distractions can allow for more work to be done than to work for 3 hours with constant distractions from your phone and family members. This not only saves you time, but by working this way, you can get your work done faster and better.

These easy tips may not sound like a whole lot, but little changes can go a long ways. Doing these 5 things have helped me to stay motivated and productive. I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”



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